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獨創課程  Innovative Course

糖霜蛋糕大師班 - Master Level Royal Icing Cake Decoration Course




Groundbreaking skills and techniques, procedures, and designs that are implemented in world-class level competitions will be shared. These techniques and skills are then refined and concentrated and integrated into Master Level course content. 

Infinite amount of patience and passion are required.  Method and procedures of this course will adopt the actual standards at an international competition level. High degree of perfection, abundant variety of techniques and skills implementations, visibly errorless from all angle, precise structural application and integration, all the fine details are set to be completed with perfection. Leading you to independently complete a finished workpiece that will be recognized by international authoritative competition jury.




Not suitable for beginner


Course Duration


4-Days Full-Day Course. Each day at least 8 hours of working time.


Recipe for Royal Icing


Recipe for Royal Icing is provided


千里眼順風耳 Thousand-Mile Eyesight and Windy Ear Deities

傳說 - 千里眼能窺探宇宙萬象,看見千里之遠的任何事物;順風耳可以聽到所有順風而來的聲音。
千里眼替媽祖執行(觀)千里的災難任務,順風耳執行(聽音) 救苦的職務。


預計四天全日班課程,每天早上 09:00 開始,中午休息約一小時










完成作品尺寸約17.5cm x 8cm(一對)




It is said in the legend that Thousand-Mile Eyes can peer into the myriad phenomena of the universe, observing everything  a thousand miles away; Windy-Ears can hear all sounds brought by the wind. The Sea Goddess Mazu was conceived by her parents' plea to the Bodhisattva Guanyin for a child, and she is hailed as an incarnation of Guanyin. Thousand-Mile Eyes execute the task of observing disasters for Mazu, while Windy-Ears fulfill the duty of listening and alleviating suffering.

The conjunction of "observation" and "sound" aligns perfectly with the concept of "Guanyin Bodhisattva."

Located in Puzi City, Chiayi County, Taiwan, for over 300 years, inside PeiTian Temple, stood the statues of these two guardian general deities on the sides of Sea Goddess Mazu. They are the original inspirations for this sugar art creation.

The estimated duration for the four-day full-day course will start at 09:00 each morning, with approximately one hour break for lunch.

Dismissal time is an estimate and depends on individual operating speed; dismissal occurs only after completion of the daily progress.

Course Content:

- Creating three-dimensional relief with icing
- Combining various edible materials
- Production and assembly of three-dimensional and icing off-pieces
- Gold color painting
- High pearlescent effects
- Rapid and stable preparation of highly color-vibrant and firm icing making methods
- Application of piping nozzles

The finished project dimensions are approximately 17.5cm x 8cm (a pair).

Icing recipes used in class will be provided.


To ensure the longevity of the works, decorations will be placed on pre-made faux cookies using fondant during class. There will also be a demonstration on how to use fondant to create firm fondant plates with cookie-like colors and textures and a thickness of 10mm as the base of the work..

Registration requires a basic experience with icing and is not suitable for beginners.


|   出席證書 Certificate of Course Completion  |


A certificate of course completion will be provided automatically for all our expert level and master level courses. For courses in other levels, certificates are provided only upon requests. Please feel free to ask if you need a certificate.

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